Landlords use Resolve by flatfair to negotiate and agree rent arrears payment plans quickly and transparently - for free.

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The transparent, free and fair way to negotiate and agree on how to handle repayment of rent arrears.

Resolve is an online portal which allows you to quickly and transparently negotiate and agree on a rent repayment plan in the event of any current or expected rent arrears.

Once agreed, Resolve provides you with the necessary paperwork and audit trail to document the agreement between all parties concerned.

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It’s free to create as many rent arrears payment plans as you need with Resolve.

We know that recovering unpaid rent can be stressful and you may need support later if the rent remains unpaid. That’s why we will soon be launching Resolve Premium - a service that will help you recover unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy.

You can join our waiting list now for free and we will send you more information ahead of the Resolve Premium launch.

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  • Create rent arrears payment plans
  • Recovery of unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy
  • Premium support and access to expert content
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  • Create rent arrears payment plans
  • Recovery of unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy
  • Premium support and access to expert content
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    • I have created a proposed payment plan. What happens next?

      Your proposal will be emailed to the tenant for consideration. As soon as the tenant responds you will be notified and our platform will allow you to document and electronically sign any agreed rent payment plan.

    • What if my tenants don’t respond?

      Your tenants will automatically receive reminder emails to complete the information. If you haven’t discussed a payment plan with your tenant previously, please contact them and encourage them to review the proposed agreement.

    • What if my tenants do not agree to the proposed rent arrears payment plan?

      If your tenant chooses not to accept the payment plan, you will receive an email to confirm that the agreement has been refused.

    • What if my tenants do not stick to the agreed payment schedule?

      If you’d like to protect yourself against unpaid rent, please register your interest in our premium service. Resolve Premium provides all the same benefits as Resolve free, with the added bonus of unresolved debt recovery, and a premium support service.

    • When will the Resolve Premium be available?

      We want to make sure Resolve Premium is not only functional but also as safe and secure as possible over the coming weeks. Feel free to check back here for updates, or register your interest for updates as soon as it’s ready!

    • What if the AST terminates before any agreed deferred rent has been paid?

      The Agreement stipulates that if the AST terminates early, any agreed deferred rent will become immediately due and payable by the tenant at that point.

    • What if I haven’t spoken to my landlord yet?

      We advise tenants to speak to their landlords before engaging with the platform. If you have a verbal agreement with your landlord, it will make the process of negotiating and agreeing on a rent payment plan a lot more efficient.

    • I’ve completed my form. What happens if my landlord doesn’t propose a repayment plan?

      Reach out to your landlord or agent to remind them that you have completed the form. They may not wish to propose a plan, but equally they may not have seen your completed form yet!

    • What if I can’t afford my landlord's proposed repayment plan?

      Rent payment plans must be agreed by each tenant named on the tenancy agreement. You can refuse to agree to the payment plan. Your landlord may then choose to propose a new plan. However, please remember that rents must be repaid in full, unless otherwise agreed.

    • What happens if there is more than one tenant?

      All tenants named on the tenancy agreement must agree to, and sign, the rent payment plan submitted. If any tenant refuses, that plan is not accepted.

    • I have a Guarantor for my tenancy, do they have to sign up to Resolve?

      Yes, any guarantors will be invited to review and accept the plan, along with the tenants, once it has been submitted. Guarantors must also agree to the plan for it to become finalised.